Mentorship Includes:

  • 6 months of group coaching
  • Weekly LIVE Sessions to support your personal needs
  • Daily HRV assessment which enables you to track your nervous system health throughout the duration of the experience
  • Movement, meditation and breathwork to clear stagnation and get in dialog with sensation
  • 1-1 Energy Checks / Data Review
  • Featured Speakers sharing about their regenerative journey
  • Comprehensive Workbook associated with the curriculum

Program Outline:

Live Sessions are held via Zoom on most Tuesdays at 5pm PT and last for 90 minutes. Zoom links and associated calendar invites will be sent for all live sessions.

Week 1: Orientation, Mentorship Begins!

Tuesday, May 28th. During this time participants will gain access to the SORCE App, learn program specifics, and get set up for success.

Week 2: How to Regenerate Human Energy

Tuesday, June 4th: Live Session

Sunday, June 9th: Movement + Meditation

Week 3: What is HRV

Tuesday, June 11th: Live Session

Week 4: Connection to ME

Tuesday, June 18th: Live Session

Energetic Literacy Assessments begin.

Week 5: Connection to YOU

Tuesday, June 25th: Live Session

Week 6: BREAK

USA Holiday July 4th

Week 7: Connection to Work

Tuesday, July 9th: Live Session

Sunday, July 14th: Movement + Meditation

Week 8: Bring Your Whole Self to the Table

Tuesday, July 16th: Live Session

Week 9: Data Review & Energy Check

Tuesday, July 23rd: Together we will review the group HRV data gathered anonymously to see how the curriculum is impacting the our nervous systems.

Weeks 10-11: Deep Integration

After 2 months of committed focus, we collectively gift ourselves with time and space to integrate what we have learned so far. Integration Guidelines will be provided. For those adventurous spirits who feel called, a Regenerative Retreat in Oaxaca will offered where seamless assimilation of all things Energetic Literacy can occur. Retreat is optional.

Week 12: Retake Energetic Literacy Assessments

Tuesday, August 20th: Mentees will reevaluate their energetic deficiencies and lean into the areas which need to be nurtured.

Sunday, August 25th: Movement + Meditation

Week 13: Brainstorm and identify a Regenerative Project

Tuesday, August 27th: Taking in everything we discovered in the Energetic Literacy Assessment you will be able to identify a stretch goal that will help you align with the logic of life more deeply.

Weeks 14-15: Take action on your Regenerative Project

Tuesday, September 3rd and September 10th: Ground all that you have learned by staying connected to your internal landscape while actualizing your identified stretch goal.

Weeks 16-17: Present the process and outcome of your Regenerative Project to the group

Tuesday, September 17th and Tuesday September 24th: Time to celebrate your courage and progress by presenting your Regenerative Project to the group

Sunday Sept. 22nd: Movement + Meditation


Weeks 20-23: Regenerative Round Tables with Featured Speakers

Tuesday, October 8th: Cross pollinate ideas with an invigorating conversation led by Lisa-May
Tuesday, October 15th: Cross pollinate ideas with an invigorating conversation led by Dom Farnan

Sunday October 22nd: Movement + Meditation
Tuesday, October 22nd: Cross pollinate ideas with an invigorating conversation led by Pat White
Tuesday, October 29th: Cross pollinate ideas with an invigorating conversation led by Salim Najaar

Weeks 24: Celebration/Close

Tuesday, November 5th

Regenerative Roundtable Speakers:

Salim Najjar
Salim Najjar is a former Nuclear Power Plant engineer turned entrepreneur with a passion for HRV and mental health awareness. Salim is most known for co-founding Sound, a tea based sparkling beverage for body, mind, and spirit.

Lisa May
Lisa is deeply committed to Unlocking Human Potential through science-based tools & technologies to build energetic literacy, one person, one team & one organization at a time.

Bristol Baughan
Emmy-winning and Oscar-Nominated film producer, and founded Inner Astronauts to coach high achievers out of achievement addiction and into authentic leadership and presence. She is currently weaving regenerative community in the Azores, Portugal.

Pat White
Pat White (she/her) is an expert in Empathetic Leadership and Neurodiversity Inclusion, with 200 hour teacher certifications in yoga, breathwork and meditation. Pat joined forces with SORCE on the quest to teach leaders and their organizations about energetic literacy, all in service of ending the human energy crisis.

Dom Farnan
CEO of DotConnect and DoseConnect. Dom Farnan, with over two decades of experience, is a trailblazing leader in high-growth environments, skillfully blending entrepreneurship, conscious leadership, and advocacy.

All your materials in one place.

As soon as the Mentorship begins, participants will gain access to the SORCE App where the Regenerate Program assets will live.

Inside the app you will find all of the module recordings, materials, workbooks, pdfs, and replays of the live calls. You will also use the SORCE app to take your HRV Score every morning and monitor your nervous system health as you progress through the mentorship.

*iPhone is a requirement, please reach out if you need assistance*


"I have spent the last 90 days with Jessica and these have been some of the most powerful and grounding experiences I've had since I began my practice nearly a year ago."

- Jen Giroux (Crestline, CA)

"Having a consistent practice with Jessica over the course of a few months really super-charged my ability to drop in and receive the magical (but also practical!) gifts her programs bring."

- Julie Chang, TV Host and journalist

"Never have I done this before and never have I felt more life in my body and work."

- Sara W., Director