It is our highest desire to support you through a metamorphosis.

One where you are able to release habits that cause disconnection and extraction, and step into an updated framework infused with regenerative logic.

Together, we will learn the reasons why you have consciously or unconsciously disconnected - an issue deeply ingrained within the traditional system. A system that teaches people to function like machines and deny their internal experience causing chronic stress, overwhelm, isolation, and confusion.

Throughout this journey, you will learn science-based methodologies to reconnect and reestablish a sense of wholeness in your life and leadership. Through increased awareness and embodiment practices, you will step into a new paradigm to create life-affirming ripple effects for generations to come.

The Regenerate Mentorship calls upon those who are...

  • Forward-thinking, high-performing leaders at risk for burnout
  • Builders and change-agents courageous enough to embrace a new way of living and leading
  • Leaders inside organizations to an innovative and vital path forward
  • Coaches, Consultants, Creatives ready to see life as an interconnected living, breathing system
  • Pioneering a life enriched by strong connections and clear boundaries
  • Longing to be a part of a conversation around "redefining value" in work and life
  • READY.

Your 6-month Mentorship Includes:

  • 6 months of group coaching
  • Weekly LIVE Sessions to support your custom needs
  • Daily HRV assessment which enables you to track your nervous system health throughout the duration of the experience
  • Movement, meditation, and breathwork to clear stagnation and get in dialog with sensation
  • 1-1 data review + energy check
  • Featured Speakers sharing about their regenerative journey
  • Comprehensive Workbook associated with the curriculum

Program Design:

Over the course of the mentorship, you will gain tangible tools and upgraded frameworks to deepen and strengthen your connection to life.

Weeks 1-9:

You will learn foundational tools to understand how to connect with your own energy while being in relationship with others and your work.

Weeks 10-11:

Deep Integration. We collectively gift ourselves with time and space to integrate what we have learned so far. For the adventurous spirit, a Regenerative Retreat in Oaxaca will offered where seamless assimilation of all things Energetic Literacy can occur. Retreat is Optional.

Weeks 12-19

Putting everything you have learned into action by claiming, creating and actualizing a regenerative stretch goal for your work and life.

Weeks 20-24

Stand forward as a regenerative leader and meet established creators from our community who are architecting a vital future.

Why use Biofeedback?

fEven when people have the best of intentions, they often experience burnout because they are neglecting their own needs in pursuit of a goal.

Whether you're an high-achiever, change-maker or seeking personal growth, using biofeedback gives you an objective measure of your energy and stress so you can know how to take care of yourself.

During the Regenerate Mentorship we prioritize using a 1-minute morning heart-rate variability (HRV) assessment. This allows you to align with your vital resources as you undergo a transformative journey.

Superior Simplicity.

At SORCE, we believe that minimizing cognitive load is key to transformation. That's why our curriculum is available in the SORCE App where you take your HRV Assessment, access content, and join live sessions all in one convenient place.

Experience Transformative Results

Embark on a 6-month journey with our mentorship program and witness remarkable outcomes:

  • Develop a unique blueprint for unlocking the potential of your life and leadership.
  • Cultivate a consistent meditation practice for inner peace and clarity.
  • Gain insight into your body's rhythms for balanced energy and rejuvenation.
  • Harmonize logical thinking with intuitive decision-making for integrated, effective choices.
  • Stay true to your authentic self in the face of others demands and needs.


The investment for the mentorship varies depending on when you enroll and will be discussed on your application review.

Note: The mentorship runs once a year, so don't miss this opportunity to join a community of regenerators committed to leading and living with energetic alignment.

Want to learn more? CLICK HERE to join one of our info sessions or contact us at with questions.

Feeling called to Sponsor this experience?

We are excited to announce our sponsorship opportunities! Unlike typical sponsorships, where you get banner ads and marketing, we reinvest every penny to

regenerate human energy.

This means scholarships for the Regenerate Mentorship for emerging leaders, technology upgrades to increase access for underfunded startups, and increased funding for regenerative initiatives, including indigenous land support.


"My experience with SORCE was enlightening, thought provoking, and habit forming."

- Patrick Mercer, Director, Frost Bank

"It was so divinely timed for the path I am on as a coach, a leader, and a human being. "

- Don Damond, Vice President SMSC Gaming Enterprise


"A unique and simple offering that targets how we manage stress."

- Alyson Daichendt, Partner & CHRO Advisor

Lead Mentor, Jessica Corbin

As the Founder/Chief Energy Officer of SORCE, Jessica is dedicated to regenerating human energy, accelerating organizational consciousness and architecting a vital and sustainable future.

Recently named by the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center as one of their "Milestone Makers" and brought into StartUp Health's portfolio of companies, SORCE is solving the $300 billion problem of stress and burnout through data driven + human centered technologies.

Meditation Teacher, Jade Wolf

Jade Wolf is an accomplished Meditation Teacher, Breath and Movement Guide renowned for integrating intuitive practices into transformative experiences. Her work, steeped in authenticity and playfulness, invites a profound connection, encouraging self expression and exploration in the present moment to help you gain access to your own deep wisdom and potential.

Jade's teachings inspire freedom, joy, and a deeper experience of our interconnectedness, offering a unique pathway to personal expansion, collective healing, and creative expression. It is through deep internal experience that our highest intentions become lived experiences. Meditation is key to knowing and growing yourself.

Regenerative Roundtable Featured Speakers

Lisa May

Lisa's esteemed leadership development firm, Fülle, is dedicated to unleashing human potential, impacting individuals, teams, and organizations. Utilizing cutting-edge neuroscience and sophisticated science-based tools and coaching techniques, Fülle has consistently achieved remarkable results.

Dom Farnan

Dom Farnan is the Founder and CEO of DotConnect and DoseConnect. Dom Farnan, with over two decades of experience, is a trailblazing leader in high-growth environments, skillfully blending entrepreneurship, conscious leadership, and advocacy.

Pat White

Pat White (she/her) is an expert in Empathetic Leadership and Neurodiversity Inclusion, with 200 hour teacher certifications in yoga, breathwork and meditation. Pat teaches leaders and their organizations about energetic literacy, all in service of ending the human energy crisis.

Bristol Baughan

Bristol Baughan is a TED Fellow, Emmy-winning and Oscar-Nominated film producer, and founded Inner Astronauts to coach high achievers out of achievement addiction and into authentic leadership and presence. She is currently weaving regenerative community in the Azores, Portugal.

Salim Najjar

Salim Najjar is a former Nuclear Power Plant engineer turned entrepreneur and channels his passion for HRV and mental health awareness into transformative ventures. Renowned as the co-founder of Sound, a pioneering tea-based sparkling beverage designed to nourish the body, mind, and spirit, Salim exemplifies innovation and dedication to holistic wellness.


When does the Mentorship start?

The 2024 Cohort will kick off on May 28th, 2024 and complete in November.

When and where are the LIVE Sessions?

Live sessions are held via Zoom and will happen 1x week. Since this is an intimate group, we will choose a day/time together that fits the majority's schedule and time zone.

Is this all virtual and will recordings be available?

Yes and yes! You can access the Mentorship from anywhere in the world. All LIVE sessions will be recorded and replays will be available inside the SORCE App.

What are the LIVE Sessions about?

One live session will dive deep into the module we are in and the other will be either breathwork, movement, meditation or a combo. We are going to follow the emergence and not set a strict path just yet.

What time are the LIVE Sessions?

Most of the sessions are Tuesdays 5pm PST and last for 90 minutes. Please check out the detailed program outline HERE.

Got questions?

Sign up for an info session HERE or email